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Aquarius health horoscope 2014

Aquarius health horoscope 2014
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Aquarius health horoscope 2014 advises that you should pay more attention to your health situation by adding rich nutrition foods and doing exercise regularly.

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In particular, you should refrain from eating spicy and sour foods because it is not good for your stomach.

In June and July, job pressures will cause fatigue and stress fro you. This may be cause of frequent headaches or insomnia. This is the time for you to relax and you may have a short travel trip with family and friends during this time.

If you can keep your mind avoid of negative thinking, 2014 will be a fully healthy year for you, Aquarius health horoscope 2014 specified. Sometimes, you should get rid of feelings aside and relax your mind. Make sure you are not tired yourself and use all of your energy to do something.

For those who have history of cardiovascular or chronic diseases, you should pay more attention to maintain healthy body. You should take care of sensitive body parts such as back, chest and throat with a proper diet along with regular exercise to ensure good health in this year.

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